Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stuff I've Done So Far to Promote Boritom

Obviously, when you do a webcomic (or you're in a band, you make independent films, you write blathering diatribes about political bullshit, etc.), you want people to check it out. I know I do. I'm an attention whore... always have been, and I always will be. I wish I could say I do it for my own pleasure, but that would be a lie, except to say that I derive the highest spike of endorphines by having people enjoy my work. If it were just for me, what would be the point of putting up a website, eh?

Here's an incomplete (and quite possibly somewhat inaccurate) list of stuff I've done to try to make Boritom the most famous webcomic in the universe (second only to Something Positive, of course):
- Greeting Cards
- Flyers
- Link Exchanges
- Banner Exchanges
- Signing up on "Top Webcomics" lists
- Spamming webcomic oriented message boards and LJ communities (Learned my lesson there, I'll tell ya)
- Link Dumps (Generated 1,000 hits in 2 weeks, then nada)
- Opened a Cafe Press store (Maybe, one day, I'll actually sell something)
- Talked it up at work
- Talked it up with my friends
- Begged my friends to talk it up with their other friends
- Called an FM Radio morning show and dropped the plug on the air for my site.
- Bought ad space on a website that went defunct before my ad even ran.
- Used the name as my login ID on numerous communities and sites, including FARK.
- Promised God not to curse anymore if he would just help me make the strip into an animated series for [adult swim]

All this, and I still am lucky to get 20 hits a day.

My co-writer, Eileen Heath, has been trying to help me punch up the writing, but there must be something I can do to make it known to people in a broader scale, without breaking the bank (which is, thanks to the IRS this year, already broken).

I mean, Holy Flark, whatsaguy gotta do to become America's Sweetheart, have b***sex with the freaking Olsen Twins on the PBS Boston Pops 4th of July Extravaganza while William Shatner and Lee Majors square off in a steel cage deathmatch to the music of Akira Ifukbe's score to Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah?

So, yeah... go to my site, tell your friends, and if you have any ideas, comment!



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