Monday, March 13, 2006

Odd Timing

This coming Friday, we will be celebrating Boritom’s 300th strip. This of course is odd timing, as I am wrapping up one story arch, embarking on a new one, and we’ve got St. Patty’s day popping up right in the middle of it all. This means that this week’s strips, other than today’s, are going to be outside of continuity pretty much. Nonetheless, I believe you will enjoy them.

I had said at one point that I was going to try to back off of doing heavy storylines, preferring instead to do more comical one-off strips that can stand alone. Of course, to just suddenly drop all that’s going on would be too confusing, so I’m basically going to try to pepper the storyline with a few gentle nonsequeter strips that will just be there for fun. That way, I can continue telling the story in my head, but leave room for goofy, off the wall shit that floats in as well.

Anyway, to recap, FOOD is still in the fridge, Adam is healing from a piece of burning Hearse flying into his back, he has a new girlfriend, the evil French/Canadian Illuminati has again reared its ugly head, and there are some new developments about the cast coming up. If all this is too confusing, just remember: It’s only a webcomic.


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