Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stuff I Do To Make Myself Omniscient

Since it is very likely that I will be making contact with people through here that I have not made contact with through other sites and mediums, I thought I would take a moment to run down the laundry list of stuff I am involved with, so that you all can get an idea of just how much I desperately want to be famous...

BORITOM: This is a given, seeing as how I created this blog to promote it in the first place. Boritom is my webcomic that I draw, and it is the best damn webcomic about an alien who lives with a crusty, middle-aged goofball, a shape-shifting space cat, and a Floating Orb Of Death ever created.

VIDEO DIFFICULTIES: This is an online sketch comedy program that I've been involved with since 1998. I actually came up with the concept and talked my best friend, Chris McCullough, into working with me on it. It started out as a Phoenix Public Access series on the local cable provider, and we produced 14 30 minute episodes over three years.
Unfortunately, internal stresses caused the team to disband for a time, but late in 2004, we decided to take another run at it, and we're producing a whole bunch of new bits for a new series of streaming video episodes, set to debut this spring.

I'm also getting signed up with a couple of local talent agencies to try to get work as an actor or voice artist locally, or in any features being produced here.

Other Stuff I used to do:

The Narrow Way: This is an alternative band I started in 1988, which stuck around until about 1998. I wrote the majority of the music and lyrics, sang lead vocals, and played some lead and rhythm guitar. Chris was my bass player in that band for about 7 years until its demise.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Intermittently, from about 1987 until 2005, I was part of the local Phoenix shadow cast, predominantly known as "Broadway Bound and Gagged." For a good deal of 2001 through 2004, I was frequently the pre show host, and also usually played Brad Majors, Riff Raff and Dr. Scott.

I also attended Glendale Community College in the early 90's, and primarily just took theater classes. I managed to garner leads in "Hair," "Equus" and "The Lady's Not For Burning." Did a lot of lighting and sound design for a few plays and presentations along the way, as well. Overall, despite never really trying to get a degree, I got a pretty well-rounded education there in theater arts.

So... That'll give you an idea as to what I want to be when I grow up.

In my next entry, I'll talk about some of the famous starlets I've always wanted to bang, and what I would do if I were president to solve the Mid-East crisis.

Until next time, Our Flies are Zipped!


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